Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump Officially Nominated

McConnell and Bevin announce Kentucky's vote

Yesterday, Donald Trump was officially nominated after a roll call vote of all the states. Kentucky was represented by Governor Matt Bevin and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. While Monday's rules vote may have been contentious, Kentucky Bourbon was unanimously approved when Bevin declared Kentucky "the state that produces all the bourbon that is fit to drink in the world." Here was Bevin's full statement:
Mr. Chairman, from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, home of Churchill Downs and American Pharaoh; the source of Bluegrass music and the home of Bill Monroe; an auto manufacturing state with the largest Toyota manufacturing plant, the maker of the Ford Super Duty and the Chevy Corvette; from the state that produces all of the bourbon that is fit to drink in the world; from a state where our citizens still respect God, the Constitution, our military and our police officers, it is our honor to cast 17 votes for the next president of United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump.
Convention Chair Paul Ryan allowed New York to vote out of order, allowing it to push Trump over 1,237 into the nomination. Donald Trump Jr. announced his state's vote.

The Trump children entering the arena to vote for their father

The band played "New York, New York"
as soon as Trump earned enough votes to become the nominee

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