Sunday, July 31, 2016

Andy Beshear Needs to Man Up

I just watched an especially good episode of Bill Goodman's One on One show on KET.  He hosted Scott Jennings and Jonathan Miller on a preview of next week's Fancy Farm debatapalooza (Scott will be emceeing).

I was shocked to learn that Attorney General Andy Beshear will not be attending Fancy Farm. As the highest ranking Democrat to hold a constitutional office in Kentucky, his absence will be glaring.

Given how relentless Young Beshear has been in trying to stonewall every move by Gov. Matt Bevin, it's odd that he won't take the stage to attack Bevin.  Of courser, most of his efforts against Bevin have been done in court filings.

Looks like Andy is a paper tiger.

Fancy Farm occurs the same time every year; the date is no surprise. So Beshear cannot plausibly claim an previous engagement.  Perhaps Hillary Clinton is so toxic in Kentucky -- after her remarks about putting coal miners out of work -- that Andy doesn't want any videotape of him defending her. So much for taking one for the team.

Andy has made a calculated decision to skip Fancy Farm. Maybe he'll send Daddy Beshear. 

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