Sunday, July 17, 2016

Republicans Need to Come Together this Week

Kentucky Republicans may remember just one year ago when we found ourselves in our own unity crisis. Matt Bevin had just won a heated four-way primary by a mere 83 votes that had pitted Kentucky Republicans against each other. 

I remember some republicans who were so dissatisfied their candidate lost that they planned write off this election and hope a better candidate could defeat a presumably  Governor Jack Conway in four years. Immediately after that primary election, few had hope that Bevin would win, much less that Kentucky Republicans could heal their divisions. 

Fortunately, most Kentucky Republicans eventually supported Bevin and helped propel him to a surprisingly large victory. Hal Heiner earned a place in Bevin's administration, James Comer is the nominee for the 1st district congressional seat, and Will T. Scott is presumably still telling jokes and jumping out of airplanes. Most importantly, Governor Bevin is making critical changes that will save our state from fiscal ruin. 

Republicans across the country find themselves in a similar position today to that of Kentucky Republicans a year ago. We faced a primary which at one time featured candidates numbering in the double digits, almost all of whom were well qualified. There were real differences between each of the candidates, but so many more commonly held beliefs. 

Ultimately, Donald Trump will officially emerge as our nominee this week in Cleveland. Perhaps he isn't your first choice, or second choice, or even fifth choice, but he is our man. There is so much at stake that we simply cannot afford to not support him.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other liberals want to deny us our basic liberties —our right to free speech (that opposes their radical ideals), free exercise of religion (especially if that religion is Christianity), and our sacred right to defend ourselves and our property with firearms. 

Senator McConnell brilliantly announced that the Senate will not consider an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, thereby preventing a progressive takeover of an institution that can make or break our most important freedoms. This election is about so much more than Trump vs. Hillary; it's about preserving our Constitution. 

Trump released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees filled with proven conservatives who would take seriously their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. 

Our nation depends on the rule of law, and the Constitution is the essence of it. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated that she thinks she's above the law; we cannot afford a Court that would vindicate a President Clinton's illegal actions, much less Obama's. 

It is imperative that Republicans come together this week and support our democratically chosen nominee. The alternative is quite simply more than our nation can bear. 

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