Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cruz is a Sore Loser

Senator Ted Cruz began by praising LeBron James and slain policemen. He didn't praise Trump. The winner of the nomination was hardly even mentioned in Cruz's sermon, I mean speech.

"We are not fighting for one particular candidate or one campaign," he intoned. No mention of the party's nominee other than to congratulate him for winning the nomination.

Cruz got what he wanted: A lot of attention without having to endorse Trump. Maybe Cruz was trying to channel Ronald Reagan's speech at the end of Barry Goldwater's failed campaign, where in the party's defeat, Reagan laid the groundwork for future victory. But Trump is no Goldwater and Cruz is certainly no Reagan. Cruz's failure to announce his support for Trump made him look more like a sore loser than a future president.

The boos in the arena following Cruz's speech were deafening. 

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