Monday, July 18, 2016

Did the protesters get the date wrong?

As I write this, the weather outside is a bit overcast, but not enough to limit the humidity and heat. For such a large city, Cleveland felt a bit empty this morning. As we drove to pick up Secret Service credentials, there was nary another car for most of the trip. Granted, many fellow RNC-goers were probably taking the opportunity to catch up on some sleep after last night's Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Many of the main streets have barricades, security checkpoints, and and an iron wall (maybe eight feet tall?) encasing the convention perimeter. This writer is grateful for the efforts by local and national law enforcement agencies to keep the convention running safely and smoothly

Nevertheless, the few hours before the official start at 1:00 lacked what I expected would be a staple at this convention -- Where are the protesters?! As we wandered the perimeter, I expected to see crowds of people giving the usual spiel: Trump's a racist, the GOP is racist, they need to condemn him as a racist, etc. etc. Side note: I find it interesting that liberals can simultaneously hold the view that the GOP is completely racist yet still insist that it must condemn the frontrunner to save the "soul of the party". Kind of a chicken and egg argument, but I digress. 

Anyways, I finally got a glimpse of the throngs of protesters just behind the great, big, iron wall as we travelled from the Quicken Loans Arena to the Huntington Convention Center to mingle with the rest of the Fourth Estate. Hopefully there will be time to interact with the crowds outside the perimeter. 

Today's forecast, cloudy with a chance of crowd control.

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