Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dems Give Two Thumbs Up to C-J

The "progressives" at the Courier-Journal must be proud of all the accolades they've earned from Democrats this week -- a good omen for invitations to all the celebrity-studded parties at the Democratic National Convention.

First, the C-J won an implicit compliment from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, when the DSCC quoted a C-J editorial. This is at least the second time that the DSCC has highlighted the C-J in connection with Kentucky's 2008 U.S. Senate campaign. That's no surprise, because the DSCC communications director, Matt Miller, has helped the C-J with previous attempts to smear Mitch McConnell.

The C-J's reach exceeds its grasp, as the DSCC relies upon the C-J as "documentation" for its TV ad against Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS). That's right, the same agitprop that Louisvillians endure is now being used to justify negative ads against Republicans in Mississippi.

Taking a cue from his handlers at the DSCC, Bruce Lunsford once again quoted a C-J editorial in his latest ad attacking Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. If only the C-J would just go ahead and endorse Lunsford once and for all; its supposedly impartial reportage is like a leaky faucet that keeps dripping Lunsford talking points. Make no mistake, however, the C-J is writing for Lunsford, not vice verse.

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