Friday, August 22, 2008

WSJ: McConnell Not at Potential Risk

The Wall Street Journal has listed ten Republican seats that are "at potential risk." Kentucky is not among the list:

A quick recap of the numbers: Republicans must defend 23 seats, compared to 12 for the Democrats. Of those GOP slots, 10 are at potential risk: Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Mississippi, Maine and North Carolina. The Democrats claim only one vulnerable senator this year, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu. Depending on how big a day the party has in November, it is at least conceivable Democrats could get the nine seats they need to hit the magic 60.

The Journal makes two other points that were new to me. First, Democrats are"throwing at least as much money and sweat into that effort as they are into electing Mr. Obama." Second, "[f]ree of the filibuster check, the world's greatest deliberative body tends to go on benders," including the New Deal and the Great Society -- or potentially, Obamacare.

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