Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everything's Up To Date In St. Louis . . . ehr, Kansas City

Who would have thunk it? Mr. Eloquence, aka Senator Barack Obama, is well on his way to surpassing President Bush's malapropism record, though Senator Joe Biden will undoubtedly give Obama a run for his money. Here's what Jay Cost of RealClearPolitics.com had to say yesterday evening about Obama's latest botched remarks, which occurred during his brief video appearance at the Democratic Convention:

But Obama has weaknesses, which were on display tonight as well. He had only a handful of lines, but he mixed up one he should have landed. He said he was in St. Louis when he was really in Kansas City. This kind of mistake is never a good thing. McCain said something nice about the Pittsburgh Steelers a few weeks ago, but it was a line he had initially said about the Green Bay Packers. The local paper reported the contradiction. My hunch is that it annoyed people here just a tiny bit. Obama did something similar tonight on network TV with Missouri's two largest cities. Fortunately for him, Sasha was there to bail him out!

Senator John McCain may be "two-timing" his compliments, but at least when he's in a city he gets her name right. Obama's latest gaffe reminds me of Senator John Kerry when, as a presidential candidate, he "fumbled the name of the hallowed grounds on which the [Green Bay] Packers play, the frozen tundra of Curly Lambeau Field", calling it "Lambert Field".

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