Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Georgia Crisis Helps McCain

It's an unfortunate place to look for a silver lining, but in this political climate, I'll take it: Russia's attempt to reconstitute the Soviet Union, by invading Georgia, helps John McCain.

American voters have said all along that they view McCain as better equipped to serve as commander-in-chief than Barack Obama. That includes the ability to represent American interests against the bullies of the world, like Vladimir Putin. A new poll, linked by Hot Air, shows that even a sizable percentage of Democrats (31 percent) recognize this reality. Overall, Americans -- by a margin of two to one -- consider McCain better able to deal with Russia than Obama.

The thought of Barry toe to toe with Putin is downright frightening ("Would you like Ukraine with your Georgia, Vlad?"). We cannot afford to elect a president to serve as Putin's play toy. We need a president who understands that first and foremost, he represents America. That's a concept that alludes Barack "citizen of the world" Obama.

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