Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Does Moveon.org Know How To Swim?

Despite Senator Barack Obama's flip-flop on offshore oil drilling, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman John Yarmuth refuse to change their minds -- and Pelosi refuses even to let the House vote on the issue. But House Republicans, like the Israelites in Egypt, will not be suppressed. Their favorite slogan these days is "Let my people vote!"

Now comes word that Moveon.org will bring in reinforcements for Pelosi and Yarmuth as their troops attack the Republicans at the water's edge. The people that brought us the "General Betray Us" advertisement last year pledge to "to 'push back hard' against House Republicans who have been seeking to pressure Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to allow a vote on offshore drilling," according to TheHill.com. Count on Moveon.org to come up with an ad campaign that creates a disastrous drowning for Democrats in a sea of red voters.


David Adams said...

Pelosi poo poos the idea of drilling to save money, but her big idea is to release supply from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Now there's a long term solution!

David Adams said...

Looks like Ben Chandler may be getting ready to throw Yarmuth and Pelosi overboard.