Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks To Palin, Forty-somethings Feel Young Again

Governor Sarah Palin has made all forty-somethings feel good about their age again. They were all feeling quite old, having witnessed Senator Barack Obama's rise to claim the Democratic presidential nomination. What once seemed a rashly premature age for the Presidency -- 47 -- had been transformed last Thursday night into enough years to give Obama the gravitas of a Greek sage as he delivered his speech from the Invesco Parthenon. What a relief, therefore, it was to learn on Friday from various left leaning journalists that Palin, at 43, is a "young mother."
The Democrats, caught completely off guard by Palin's outstanding presentation on Friday, now argue that Palin lacks the years to be President. Their question: Is America prepared for a forty-something to be a heartbeat away from being President? The Republicans' response: Is America prepared for the forty-something to be President now?

And what do the Democrats know? They were the long-haired ones in the 1960s -- when Obama and Palin were in diapers -- who claimed we shouldn't trust anyone over thirty.

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