Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dems React

In his typical passive aggressive fashion, Sen. Barack Obama was gracious to congratulate Gov. Sarah Palin on her selection to the GOP ticket -- but let his minions attack her.

Team Obama made fun of Palin for having been mayor of a small town. They did not know at the time that she also clings to God and guns, but that soon became apparent and made the Obama hacks look like the elitists they are.

Also curious was the Obama team's complaint that the 44-year-old Palin lacks experience to be McCain's running mate. Let's see, exactly how does the 47-year-old Obama's three additional years make him so uniquely qualified to be number one on a ticket? As best as we can tell, those three years roughly add up to the time Barry spent with his Chicago radical pals as a "community organizer" between college and law school -- one of those times in his life not worthy of much mention in his puff piece video played at the convention.

Palin has more executive experience than Obama, who has zero, while also juggling the demands of another job he never could master: carrying and giving birth to and raising five children.

The Obama campaign also complained that Palin lacks foreign policy experience. This from a party who has only elected two presidents since 1964 -- both of whom were governors with no foreign policy experience.

And last I checked, Russia never laid claimed to Arkansas or Georgia, in the United States, at least.

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