Monday, October 22, 2012

Andy Barr Closing On BenChandler

The C-J  ran two pieces yesterday on the Andy Barr - Ben Chandler race in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District. (I'm not providing the link because that rag does not deserve the traffic.)  Even the liberal apologist C-J concedes that the race is very tight.

But for the deal Hal Rogers cut with Greg Stumbo to gerrymander the district in favor of Chandler, Barr would be winning.  He still might win it, depending on turnout and Romney's coat-tails.

This is the closest race in Kentucky. Regardless of your Congressional district, this is a race where your donation could affect the outcome.  And if you have any time, contact the Barr campaign to see if you can help with turnout. Click here to help.

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