Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Romney Will Win

An old friend said something that made me realize that Romney will win, and why.  She said that as an ideological liberal -- who had presumably voted for Obama four years ago -- she wanted to vote for him.  From the standpoint of pure ideology, she wanted to support him again.

But when she looked at the reality of her family's finances, she realized she could not.  She looked at how their insurance premiums had gone up, and the financial pressures that Obamacare will put on her husband's small business.

She looked at what the rising cost of gas is doing to the family budget as she tries to shuttle her kids to school and activities.  She looked at the unemployment rate and what that does to her children's prospects for finding a decent job. She considered the amount of debt that her children and grandchildren will have to shoulder, and the fact that Social Security and Medicare will not be there for her retirement unless something changes.

In sum, she realized that she could not afford four more years under an Obama administration. He was a grand experiment -- she had believed in hope and change.  But the real-life consequences were, as Joe Biden put it, burying her and the middle class.

So with great sadness, disappointment and regret, she will not vote for Obama again.  Will she vote for Romney or just stay home?  The tone of her remarks leads me to believe that she will hold her nose and vote from Romney.  But even if she stays home, the evolution of this past Obama supporter tells me that Romney will win.

This is not so much a vote for Romney, or a vote against Obama.  In the British Parliamentarian sense, it is a vote of No Confidence in Obama.

The so-called Republican War on Women -- all the Obama talk about Lady Parts -- ignores that many women voters are mothers, and stewards of the family budget. This segment of electorate has come to realize that another vote for Obama will carry a price tag they can no longer pay, even if the ideological purist in them wishes they could.

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