Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden is a Mean SOB

We went down to Centre College to watch the  Vice Presidential debate. Joe Biden disgraced his office. Now, I expected him to be all smiling geniality, to try to make Paul Ryan feel good about getting stabbed.

What I did not expect was him baring his capped teeth, seemingly grinning at oddly inappropriate times -- like a discussion of  greatest threat facing the world:  the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran.

Biden's incessant interruptions made him look downright thuggish. I wished Paul Ryan had pushed back harder on the interruptions -- or that we'd had a real moderator, as opposed to a stooge.

Nonetheless, for Ryan to remain as calm and focused as he was in these circumstances was extraordinary.

Joe, as we expected, just sat there and made stuff up. Some of his lies were so blatant that we didn't need to wait for the fact-checkers. Iran does indeed have weapons to deliver a nuclear payload to Israel-- has for years. And Obamacare does infringe upon the free exercise rights of Catholic institutions, as set forth in the complaint in Notre Dame's lawsuit.

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