Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Won On the Libya Question

Many conservatives were disappointed that Romney did not hammer home the fact that Obama was obfuscating on Libya during Debate No. 2.  I was not worried, because we have an entire debate geared to foreign policy next Monday.

Further, the news coverage all day yesterday focused on the issue in a way that made Obama and his cronies look either incompetent or dishonest, depending on how charitably one views this administration.

It didn't help Obama that a Muslim terrorist wannabe tried to attack the New York Fed yesterday.  The notion that Obama has al Qaeda on the ropes now has been disproved -- thank God, without the loss of more innocent life in a city that has lost too much to terrorists.

That whole concept of the re-set button did not work  Democrats get mad whenever conservatives use Obama's middle name, Hussein.  In point of fact, however, Obama banked on his name making the Islamo-fascists feel all warm and fuzzy about America.  It did not work:  they still hate us, want to kill us and want to destroy our way of life.
In addition to Libya, Romney must focus in next week's debate on what Condi Rice has called the greatest threat to our national security:  the deficit.Even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recognizes that the American cannot remain a super-power with our deficit.

Finally, Romney needs to reiterate that he will stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel. Obama's treatment of Netanyahu has been a disgrace. For anyone who cares about the survival of Israel, that should be reason enough to vote against Obama. 

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