Friday, October 26, 2012

Andy Barr Has Pulled Ahead!

In the most competitive race in the Commonwealth, Republican challenger Andy Barr has pulled ahead of Congressman Ben Chandler.

According to Pure Politics, Barr is leading for the first time in the race. Barr leads 45 to 41 -- just a bit more than the margin of error (3.49 percent).

For those of you in the 6th Congressional District who have supported Barr in the past -- because he votes like a Republican -- it is time to step up and add a Republican to Kentucky's Congressional Coalition.  It won't make a difference in who controls the House of Representatives, not this time.  But it could in the future.

This district was gerrymandered to make it safer for Barr. Therefore, it is that much important that all Republicans and conservatives turn out to vote for Andy Barr.

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