Monday, October 22, 2012

Awaiting the Last Debate

Tonight will present the electorate two distinctly different views of America:  a land of Exeptionalism, or a land  which seeks to appease the bullies of the world with apologies.

Mitt Romney needs to hold his own tonight to preclude Obama momentum. It would be preferable, of course, for Romney to seal the deal.  Romney always shows up to his debates. But after the first debacle of a debate, we can expect that Obama will also show up.

We know that Romney will raise questions about Benghazi. This is a real problem for Obama, because assuming one believes that he and his regime have been honest about what happened, they still look incompetent for allowing the murder of four Americans to take place in our embassy, which is our sovereign territory.

Now that we know that the terrorist attack stretched on for seven hours, questions are being raised -- by CBS, no less -- about why our military didn't rescue our diplomats.

Could it be that helicopters rescuing Americans off the roof of the embassy would look too much like the Fall of Saigon?

Obama will drop the names of all the foreign leaders he's met; this is when a president can appear most presidential.  Romney will, or should respond, with how Obama dissed Netanyahu to go on the View or whatever banal celebrity show.

Look for Obama to make fun of Romney's comments about the state of security for the London Olympics.

Romney's probably too much of a gentleman to raise the point, but speaking of London, recall when the Obamas gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod? That was shortly after they gave the British Prime Minister dvds -- in the wrong format!  It would be hysterically funny but for the fact that this is our president, our country, embarrassing himself (and all of us).

Obama will try to equate Romney with George W. Bush.  We saw a precursor of that in the last debate, and Romney handled it superbly.  The point Romney needs to make is, as Reagan put it, peace through strength.  We are safest we are strongest.  That strength deters aggression and makes war less, not more likely.

Here's what we need to do between now and the end of the debate:  pray for Mitt Romney.  Pray for America.


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