Friday, October 12, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate in Pictures

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Pictured above is a crowd surrounding the MSNBC stage.

This is the closest Centre will ever get to hosting a College Game Day.

Through all the commotion, Lincoln remained in one place reading his book.

"I always feel like somebody's watching me."

Chris Matthews walking to the stage.

Chris Matthews with Michael Steele

With all of the Obama and Romney signs is a Gary Johnson sign

The Crowd is taking their places for the debate until...

An unknown man climbed into a tree and began shouting anti-abortion comments.

In a short amount of time, hundreds of people were surrounding the tree. 
A ladder was put up to the man; however, no one climbed up it.
I guessed they hoped he would come down...

After some time, everyone eventually sat down to watch the 

debate with the man in the tree shouting his commentary.

As of the end of the debate, the man was still in the tree.

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