Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

So that's why Saint Barack took a pass on public campaign financing: is hosting a national bake sale for him.

The bake sales will take place today and tomorrow. There are three "Hungry For Change" bake sales in Louisville: Carmichael's bookstore; Bashford Manor Bed & Breakfast; and Chickasaw Park. These are three of 700 such sales that says will "raise money to help elect Barack Obama president."'s website includes a list of instructions on how to hold a bake sale. (Who says they think the little people are stupid.). On the chance that Michael Moore might show up, bake sale fundraisers must promise that anyone who buys more than $50 in cookies must fill out a special form.

The rules do not require that the baked goods be Vegan, which raises the spectre of PETA protesting the use of dairy products.

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