Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Kills Possum

Barack Obama has jettisoned his latest exercise in vanity, the fake presidential seal that briefly adorned his podium.

It seems that Barry's handlers pointed out that it might appear presumptuous to use a pseudo presidential seal unless and until he becomes a pseudo president. So under the bus it goes. (Move over, white grandma.)

There has been much talk on the blogosphere about the seal's Latin logo; the Obama campaign replaced "E pluribus unum" (out of many, one) with "Vero possumus” (Yes, we can!). Leaving aside debates about the propriety of his Latin grammar, the choice of the verb "possum" was unfortunate because its English cognate suggests an animal known for its sleeping in the middle of roads, with a destiny that includes becoming road kill or Burgoo.

What few realize is that the "Yes, we can!" logo is a knock-off from the popular PBS cartoon, "Bob the Builder."

Take your places / Can we fix it/ Yes, we can/ Bob the Builder/ Can we fix it/Bob the Builder/ Yes, we can.

Some of the lyrics resemble Obama's rallies. Just substitute swooning young women for toddlers:

Left a bit, right a little, O.K. straight down /We can tackle any situation/ Look out, here we come/ Can we dig it? Yes/ Can we build it? Yes/ Can we fix it? Yes!

It's a song that little boys sing as they play with their Tonka trucks. Any two year old will assure you that Bob the Builder is real and can fix anything. Obama supporters likewise assert that their man is for real and can fix anything.

Given that the Obama campaign has yet to "adapt" "Hail to the Chief", they should just remain true to the Veros Posssumus logo and force the adoring crowds to sing the theme to "Bob the Builder" for the Great One's processional.

There remains the question of suitable transportation. Bob the Builder looks great in a dump truck, but I don't see Obama riding in one (except with a hard hat, covered with sweat, in the dreams of Obama Girl.) Obama probably won't bother trying to do a knock-off on the Presidential limo. Look for Obama to be styling in a hybrid Pope-mobile.

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