Friday, June 27, 2008

Saw That Coming

Given the timing of the shooting rampage at the Henderson, Kentucky factory and the Supreme Court's decision in Heller, some second amendment opponents, as predicted, are using the Henderson tragedy to criticize the Court.

Enter the New York Times:

On Wednesday, as the court was getting ready to release its decision, a worker in a Kentucky plastics plant shot his supervisor, four co-workers and himself to death.

The Times editorial then goes on to say that the D.C. gun ban was the best thing since sliced bread, even though violent crime rates actually went up under the 30 years it was in place. That's what happens when the criminals own guns and law-abiding citizens do not.

No doubt the Times is miffed that Barack Obama flipped on his previous opposition to the D.C. gun ban without first notifying the editorial boards, so they could stay on message.

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