Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Tis the season.....

...for all good Republicans to give generously in support of our candidates. If you have never given, give now. If you give regularly, give more. Republican candidates need our support now more than they have in many, many years.

We have Anne Northup running for her old seat, and it would be GREAT if you could unseat the playboy liberal currently occupying her old office. It is going to be an uphill battle for her and she really needs our support.

Senator McConnell is facing his first real challenge in years. It is a real challenge not because of the quality of his opponent, but because of the bank account of his opponent. Word on the street has it that Lunsford is prepared to spend $10 to $15 million of his own money on the race! Lunsford may be a man of low character, but it is amazing what a few million dollars of TV and radio advertising can do to fool the electorate. Mitch is great at raising money, but Lunsford is going to push him to his limits.

In the presidential race, we have a socialist running against our man. Many true conservatives are unhappy with McCain's pedigree, but he is wonderful candidate compared to the alternative. Obama is a racist and a radical who will be a disaster for this country.

For those of you who are tightfisted and unwilling to let go of your money for political candidates, keep this in mind:
If democrats gain more power, the increase in your taxes will dwarf any amount of money that you could reasonably contribute to a Republican candidate.


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