Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Much for the Great Commission

The Church of England confronted the Great Commission (to make disciples of all the nations) and not only took a pass -- it decided to promote church tourism, instead.

The Telegraph reports:

A meeting of the Church's "parliament" was due to discuss whether clergy should be doing more to convert British Muslims to Christianity.

The sensitive issue was highlighted last week by a senior bishop who accused Church leaders of failing to reach out to other faiths, and warned that radical Islam is filling a gap in society caused by the decline of traditional Christian values.

But now the Church has put off the debate on recruiting Muslims until next February at the earliest and will discuss the promotion of churches as tourist attractions instead. . . .

That's an idea --let's just turn the churches into museums! So much neater than dealing with parishioners who actually believe in the divinity of Christ.

The debate would have taken place just 12 days before the once-a-decade summit of Anglican bishops, the Lambeth Conference. It would have piled more pressure on the embattled Archbishop of Canterbury, who earlier this year sparked a storm by claiming some parts of Islamic law would be adopted in Britain.

The Church of England has positioned itself for a new Reformation. The debate will be between those dark and scary Orthodox Anglicans from the Africa and the old-school Anglicans who just want to sip tea with the Queen at Lambeth Palace. On the sidelines, radical jihadists will just laugh as England slips further and further into the complacency of moral relativism.

Update: Instead of turning the chuches into museums, how about using them for brothels? The Italians lead the way on this new use for the confessional.


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