Friday, June 6, 2008

Is Obama Punishing Kentucky With Cicadas?

Jonah Goldberg weighs in on whether Obama is actually the Messiah, pointing to "concrete evidence": "Since Obama declared his candidacy, there have been remarkably few biblical plagues."

That is little comfort to those of us in Louisville. We are in the midst of a plague that started right after Obama lost the primary in Kentucky. It wasn't enough that our state has been made to look like a racist backwater; when Obama extracts revenge, he doesn't kid around. Enter the cicadas.

Their dead bodies crunch under our feet as we run to the car, trying to avoid contact with the loathsome things. They fly down our chimneys. Our pets eat them and then come try to kiss us. Even through closed windows, the incessant buzzing noise is deafening.

Obama did this to us. And I shudder to think what he will do when Kentucky shuns him again in November. It's time to hide our first-born sons.

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