Thursday, June 19, 2008

Name That Building!

Congressman John Yarmuth has fit in nicely with a Congress that spends more time naming federal buildings and honorary months than it does actually solving the nation's problems.

House Minority Leader Roy Blunt notes that the Democratically-"led" House is too busy to do anything substantive, like reduce gas prices. This Congress has important bills to pass:

Of the 244 laws that the Democrat Congress has enacted (thru June 6, 2008):

- 92 (38%) were to name government buildings or lands;

- 39 (16%) were to extend existing laws or make technical corrections to existing laws;

- of the remaining bills enacted into law, 87 (35%) were so uncontroversial that they passed either without a recorded vote in the House or with fewer than 10 votes in opposition.

As for Louisville's Congressman John Yarmuth, he is right there naming buildings and sponsoring other useless legislation, like renaming the Hike's Point Post Office.

Now, it's all well and good to honor our "Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Military Heroes of Louisville" but instead of bestowing a "memorial post office," how about just letting our military accomplish their task? How about acknowledging their success -- the success of the surge? How about denouncing when it takes out a full-page ad in the New York Times to call General David Petraeus "General Betrayus"? Not Yarmuth: he had a chance to condemn's attack on Petraeus, and he refused.

Yarmuth epitomizes a Congress that has named, by RedState's count, "51 months...27 more than are actually on the calendar for a two year Congress." The intentions are all warm and fuzzy but we really need to put the grown-ups back in charge, and Yarmuth lacks the gravitas to do more than message for Mama Pelosi.

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Jean said...

I know that KY House Republicans would never do something like that. Mrs. Northup would only spend her time on very important matters.