Friday, June 6, 2008

DailyKos Reeks of Anti-Semitism

There is plenty of anti-Semitic garbage on the internet, but when it appears on the most influential of all leftist blogs, the DailyKos, we need to confront it for what it is.

Today the DailyKos posted a piece entitled, "Why Isn't the U.S. Taking Action Against Israel?" in which it equated Israel with Iran. Members of the DailyKos call themselves Kossaks. (Do they realize that the Cossacks killed Russian Jews in pogroms?) Today's Kossak asserts:

our lopsided coddling of Israel gives birth to Arab and Persian resentment of the U.S. and helps spread radical Islam throughout the world. How can the United States tell young Arab and Persian men to resist the sirens’ call of the Extremist Clerics when all they see from the United States is a supposed democracy that enables Israel to engage in the Nazi-like Ghettoization of the Palestinian people and to attack any country it pleases, unprovoked, without consequences? (Emphasis added.)

That is not a misquote: DailyKos actually said that the Israeli's are "Nazi-like."

Today's post was by no means an anomaly. The DailyKos's anti-Semitism is so pronounced and recurrent that one of its Jewish writers previously quit in protest.

Perhaps their ugliest display is the piece "Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel." It includes the old "blood libel" -- that Jews sacrifice Gentile children to use their blood for rituals. That rumor was used to justify pogroms in Russia as well as the Holocaust.

The DailyKos included another tale that I had not hear before: that the Israeli Mossad conspired with the CIA to assassinate J.F.K. in order to make U.S. policy more pro-Israel.

Every year, the DailyKos holds a convention. "Progressive" politicians, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton flock to it in order to shore up their standing among the so-called "netroots." If Obama really wants to bring "hope" and "change," he must start by denouncing the anti-Semitism of the DailyKos

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