Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bruce Brown-noses Nut Roots

Bruce Lunsford, trying hard to bolster his street cred with the far left, answered questions for half an hour on the DailyKos. (Hat tip: Page One).

The DailyKos is one of the most influential, and most anti-Semitic, Demo-blogs in the nation.

Although Bruce's appearance on the DailyKos may help "progressives" forgive him for donating -- and even endorsing-- Republicans, he will lose votes from the center for having embraced the far left fringe.

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Cyberhillbilly said...

Even John Kerry disavowed the kooks at Kos.

What does it say that Bruce Lunsford feels the need to play to this choir anyway? How many votes will he actually get? Is he trying to drive up donations? (I know, why would Bruce Lunsford need money?) I honestly just don't get this move.