Thursday, July 10, 2008

FISA Finally Passes as Obama Flips

That giant clicking sound heard round the world late yesterday -- that was the sound of Al-Qaeda hanging up the party line as the Senate passed FISA.

The House had previously passed the bill, which gives immunity to telecommunications that help the government eavesdrop on conversations with terrorists. The president indicated that he will sign the bill quickly. All that is great, but long overdue. Too long.

We cannot recover the five months for which Congressional Democrats stripped our government of this most basic tool of intelligence gathering. All those conversations that occurred between Islamofascists who want to kill us have concluded. We have no way of knowing what was said. Their plans are made, and are that much more likely to succeed due to the five months it took the Democrats to finally reenact FISA.

When the Senate called its final vote on FISA, only 28 opposed. Barack Obama voted with Republicans to reenact FISA with telecom immunity; Hillary did not.

Obama has infuriated the Demo-blogs, like the DailyKos, for this flip. By the same token, Hillary has improved her standing with the "nutroots" whom originally pushed the Obama candidacy. It's hard to know whether Hillary cast her vote with a view to enlivening the upcoming Democratic convention, or positioning herself for 2012.

As for Obama's "change" on FISA, it is an improvement. If there was a chance that his vote aligned with his beliefs, it would be an epiphany. It did not. Obama arrived at his opposition to FISA long ago, before he won the nomination, when he needed the support of the nutroots. All this latest flip underscores is that Obama will say anything, do anything to get elected.

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