Monday, July 28, 2008

While Obama Sampled The Foie Gras, McCain Took The Lead With American Voters

The verdict is in from likely American voters: Senator Barack Obama's European vacation was a bust. While he was out courting the foreign vote, Senator John McCain moved into the lead among Americans who will go to the polls in November, according to the latest Gallup/USA Today Poll, which shows McCain ahead 49%-45%. observes:

This is the first poll showing McCain with a lead over Obama since a May 1-3 Gallup/USA Today survey showed him with a slim 1 point lead. A Fox News poll at the end of April had McCain up 3.

Undoubtedly McCain's lead over Obama in Kentucky is even greater, and no wonder. It is more than a little strange that Obama has spent so much time campaigning in foreign countries and probably won't even set one foot in Kentucky between now and the election. That's a curious way for Obama to inspire Kentuckians to have confidence that he or his compatriot Bruce Lunsford would do anything to advance the Commonwealth's interests were they win in November. To think otherwise would be, as Obama perhaps learned to speak in French, "l'audace de faux espoirs."

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Jean said...

I guarantee McCain and Obama both have had fancier and more expensive food than I ever have. Get over it!