Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bruce Should Run For Congress

Bruce Lunsford raised less money last quarter than Anne Northup, even though Lunsford is running for a statewide office (U.S. Senate) and Northup is running for the Congress.

Not counting his $2.5 million dollar donation to himself thus far, Lunsford raised $600,000 last quarter. Northup raised $625,000 for the quarter, and only donated $2,300 to herself. That is, Lunford has funded his campaign more than one thousand dollars for every dollar Northup donated to her campaign.

Anne Northup appeals to enough voters to enough extent that they will donate to her campaign. Lunsford, in contrast, not so much. As the McConnell campaign said, "Bruce Lunsford’s biggest fan is Bruce Lunsford,"

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