Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More DSCC Hypocrisy

The headline looks like typical Democratic agitprop, to those who don't recognize the byline. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's headline reads "McConnell Chooses Politics Over Bills To Stop Child Predators, Fight Disease."

The author, Matthew Miller, knows first-hand what it's like to place politics above the needs of children, including protecting children from predators. Miller sat on emails that suggested that that former Congressman Mark Foley was propositioning Congressional pages. Rather than report the matter to Congressional leadership, Miller shopped the story to three newspapers. Congressional pages remained in harm's way while Miller sought to advance his own career and his partisan agenda.

So Miller's headline -- "McConnell Chooses Politics Over Bill To Stop Child Predators, Fight Disease" -- reeks of hypocrisy.

As to the substance of Miller's piece, he ignores that the bills he waxes on about will get a vote -- and will probably pass with large bipartisan majorities -- just as soon as the Democrats stop blocking a vote on the McConnell energy bill.

Politico reports:

Republicans stuck together in blocking this bill not because they oppose all of the programs, but because they have decided to block everything small and large this week until they get votes on stalled energy legislation.

The vote sent [Senate Democratic Leader Harry] Reid into one of his trademark tirades on the Senate floor, as he basically accused Republicans of voting against people with strokes, people in wheelchairs and those suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. . . .

McConnell held his ground, saying the Republicans were launching blockade of everything not related to oil prices. The two sides are actually negotiating on energy amendments, but there was no breakthrough yet.

Democrats need to let the vote on domestic drilling take place now. Three-fourths of all Americans want to let our country drill off-shore; even one out of four environmentalists favor domestic drilling. Stalling the inevitable will just make voters madder at the Democrats who are trying to keep the price of gas as high as possible until Election Day.

"We know the American people are interested in seeing the Congress work together on the number one issue in the country, and that's the price at the pump," McConnell said.

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