Monday, July 7, 2008

Senator McConnell To Speak At Funeral For Former Senator Jesse Helms

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is scheduled to speak at tomorrow's funeral service for the late Senator Jesse Helms, according to North Carolina's On Friday, McConnell had this to say about his colorful former colleague:

"Senator Helms . . . was a man . . . not into subtlety. You know what he thought about a particular issue. You certainly knew because he was not into the kind of nuance and subtlety that so often divides American politicians."

One may not have always agreed with Helms' positions, but his forthrightness was refreshing -- such a stark contrast to the vague vacuousness that Senator Obama tries to pass off as policy. Unlike the Democrats (e.g., at Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone's funeral), Republicans don't hijack eulogies for political purposes. One hopes McConnell will use tomorrow's memorial as an occasion to celebrate Senator Helms' candor as a model for an honest political debater.

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