Sunday, July 27, 2008

C-J Acknowledges U.S. Is Winning War in Iraq -- On The Next To Last Page Of Section A

The Courier-Journal never ceases to amaze with its biased placement of news articles. Today, the paper begins page A1 with the headline "GOP faces high odds on keeping Senate seats," pooh-poohing Republican chances of victory in the November election. This headline is followed by "Homeowners' relief awaits Bush's signature", as if the President's slowness in signing legislation was to blame for the mortgage crisis instead of the bad lending and borrowing practices of the people who lent and borrowed the money. (The latter headline is not surprising as Bush, of course, is blamed for every ill the C-J staff can think of.)

Readers must plow through most of Section A before coming upon the headline that should have been in big block letters on A1: "U.S. now winning war in Iraq that seemed lost," an Associated Press piece that flies directly in the face of Senator Barack Obama's refusal to acknowledge that the surge has worked. It's good to see that the C-J deemed the AP analysis at least newsworthy enough to print, even though it is buried at the end of the section in the apparent hope that few would actually read it.

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