Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What we really need is compassionate liberalism...

NEWSFLASH! Conservatives are more charitable than liberals. In his book Who Really Cares, Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks provides detailed data and statistical analysis which shows that conservatives give away much more, in terms of money and volunteer time, than liberals.

Liberals will hate this book because it relies on their arch enemy, namely, facts.

Brooks details how, in study after study, the numbers show that conservatives, as a whole, are very generous, and that liberals, as a whole, are very selfish. Significantly, income is not the issue. Even poorer conservatives give more as a percentage of their incomes than rich liberals.

The term "compassionate conservative" is an unfortunate one because it infers that somehow compassion is a term not normally associated with conservatism. Brooks proves that this is absolutely not true. It is compassion that is foreign to liberalism, at least as measured by generosity and volunteerism.

Are there conservatives that are selfish? Of course there are. Are there liberals that are generous? Of course there are. But on the whole, taken as groups, conservatives are much more generous than liberals. They are more willing to give money to charity and they are more willing to volunteer their time to organizations that benefit the disadvantaged or society as a whole.

Liberals want the world to think they care; conservatives actually do.

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