Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Barbadian Calls Kentuckians "Hillbillies" And Obama A Proverbial King Tut

Poor Kentuckians and Obama! We now are being called dumb "Hillbillies" by a Barbadian for not voting for Obama, who is called a "Pharoah". I'm not sure which nickname is worse, though apparently the writer intended Obama's new title to be a compliment. Check out this amazing piece of Obama oblation:

Blessings for US, Pharoah Barack Obama
Published on: 11/11/08.

GOD BLESS the United States.
The scales have fallen from her eyes as she travelled metaphorically on the road to Damascus. She has redeemed herself! For God has raised up a horn of salvation, to redeem our low estate from the abyss of slavery, by the enthronement of Pharoah Barack Obama in the House of White in the land of the United States. The God of our Forefathers has not forgotten the plight of our people, neither has he lent a deaf ear to the lamentations of the children of Africa. He has magnified us by this election!
President-elect Obama, who is really a Kabaka of one of the ancient princely houses of the Rift Valley of East Africa, ran a brilliant and finely tuned political campaign which attracted the young educated voters of the United States and the vast majority of all the various groups of voters who participated in that amazing election. The Hillbillies in Kentucky could not bring themselves to vote for a man of colour. But then that group of citizens is not known for cerebral considerations.
. . . .

I salute President-elect Barack Obama, Pharoah of the Upper Nile!
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knowitall said...

Obama does not fool everyone, and that is obvious from the few people who chose to put morals and experience above popularity. Hope the left-wing illuminati enjoy their time, because it will be over real soon.