Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Pair That Will Control Washington

Please note: The postings of "G. Morris", written by John K. Bush and which end in 2016, stated his views as of the dates of posting and should not be understood as current assertions of his views. The postings, which have not been altered since they came to an end, remain on this blog to preserve the historical record. In 2017, Mr. Bush took a position that precludes further public political comments or endorsements. He will no longer be contributing to this blog.


Jeff Noble said...

That's an interesting combination. How powerful is Senator McConnell going to be? Don't you think you should include either Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid in your pic?


knowitall said...

I think that this is going to be an interesting, yet horrible year with the elitist illuminati calling all of the shots. I can't even stomach it right now.