Saturday, November 1, 2008

WHAS Ex Does NOT Dis Palin (Updated)

A former WHAS 11 reporter who moved on to a Tampa Bay station is getting her 15 minutes of fame, just not the 15 minutes she might have chosen. Freerepublic ran a picture of Ms. Carol Minn Vacca at a Sarah Palin rally in Florida, filing her fingernails.

Minn Vacca previously worked for the campaign of Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, a Democrat.

Update: I just spoke with Minn Vacca's mother in law, who clarified me that the photo was not taken while Palin was speaking; Palin had not even arrived. Ms. Minn Vaccca, moreover, got up at 1:00 in the morning to cover the rally and spent four hours waiting for Palin to arrive, thus the down time. So she was not expressing any disrespect for Palin, and I am sorry to have suggested otherwise. I am trying to get Freerepublic, where I got the link, to publish this update in fairness to Ms. Minn Vacca. In the heat of the campaign, we need to keep the focus on ideas and remember that these are real people, with feelings.

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knowitall said...

Palin was a good candidate for the VP, but not for the top. She had good policy ideas on drilling, but she was not strong enough to endure the attacks of the mainstream media illuminati, and they have plenty more waiting for her now.