Sunday, November 2, 2008

McConnell Up By Eight Points

WHAS is reporting results of a new SUSA poll that show Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell beating Bruce Lunsford by eight points (53-45). Only three percent of voters (and that's rounded up) remain undecided.

Let's convince those last few undecideds and put this race away with a big margin so that we don't have to endure the spectacle of "perennial candidate" Bruce Lunsford running for Sen. Jim Bunning's seat.

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KenS said...

The number of anti-McConnell fliers that have been in my mail lately from out of state lib
Dem organizations is utterly disgusting. Let's get out the vote and send Bruce Lunsford packing...and show the out of state left wing goof balls that we're nobody's fool. Kentucky needs Mitch McConnell, and the nation needs him as well!