Thursday, November 6, 2008

The "Ditch Mitch" Demoblog, R.I.P.

On election eve, I wondered how the folks at Ditch Mitch would spin their loss. Yesterday, Jim Pence provided the answer with characteristic profanity, sarcasm and loathing of the Commonwealth:

Needless to say I’m very disappointed that Bruce Lunsford didn’t beat Senator Mitch McConnell, but I can take comfort in knowing that I gave it my best shot to get rid of Mitch McConnell’s slimy ass and I also realize that Bruce Lunsford must be disappointed because Bruce gave this race his all. The way I see it the best man didn’t win, but on the brighter side the policies of Senator Mitch McConnell inspired the rest of America to elect Barack Obama.

I suggest if the Republicans are smart they will ditch Mitch McConnell as their Senate Minority Leader, but I hope they don’t because Mitch McConnell inspired millions of Americans all across this land to vote for Barack Obama and helped the democrats gain House and Senate seats. Nationally Mitch McConnell is the gift that keeps on giving and if the Republicans keep Mitch McConnell as their minority leader Mitch will lose them more House and Senate seats in 2010. Keep up the good work Mitch.

As a Kentuckian I apologize to the majority of of the citizens in the United states of America that we didn’t get rid of senator Mitch McConnell and I thank all of the states that voted to elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.

Last night we saw history being made and I just couldn’t let this moment go by without trying to capture it so I put my camcorder next to a flat screen TV and videotaped Kentucky folks watching Barack Obama giving his victory speech. As I videotaped these folks watching Barack Obama, with tears of joy running down my 70 year old cheeks, I knew I was at the right place at the right time even if it was Kentucky.

Good game, Mr. Pence. See you in 2014.
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Boy, Mr. Pence is one angry man.