Monday, November 24, 2008

Hillary's a Great Pick

Dick Morris sent an e-blast that warns of the perils of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. To be sure, Morris has a unique perspective on the Clintons. Nonetheless, I think that President-elect Barack Obama should nominate Hillary to be Secretary of State.

As Joe Biden ominously (and bizarrely) warned during the campaign, the Obama administration will be tested, early on. That is a certainty in an otherwise uncertain world.

Given that reality, we need someone who won't be pushed around by the likes of Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hillary is tough enough, relentless enough and ruthless enough to protect America's interests. She doesn't seem to suffer from the world appeasement syndrome -- the need to be loved by all -- that plagues the rest of her party. Hillary represents the best chance for our country to remain as safe as possible under Obama.

Obama will have his hands full with her. He already does; the leak of her prospective nomination came from her staff, not his. (The infighting will be great fun to watch. )

Following a thorough hearing on all the donations that Bill Clinton has received from assorted despots and tyrants, the Senate should confirm her.

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knowitall said...

Says who? What is she going to do that's so great? The left-wing illuminati are not magic, and in time, all their supporters will come to realize just that.