Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Obama Made Nice to McCain

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting take on the real reason President-elect Barack Obama invited Sen. John McCain for a sit-down -- and it wasn't to heal the nation or show post-partisanship or any other such platitude. It was to begin the process of peeling away Republican votes needed for filibusters

In short, the Obama-McCain summit was a preemptive attack on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's ability to hold his caucus together when confronted by Obama's policies.

As Kimberly Strassel writes for the Journal, Obama's meeting with McCain was

directed, pure and simple, at co-opting Mr. McCain's help against what Mr. Obama understands is now his biggest obstacle: Senate Minority Leader McConnell.

. . .

Standing in the way is Mr. McConnell, one of the shrewdest Senate operators in recent history, and a man who knows the institution inside-out. He also knows what his members want, and what he can demand in return.

The minority leader is already crafting ways to keep his caucus together to block Mr. Obama's more destructive proposals. If the new president wants 60 votes, he's going to have to fight for them, vote for vote.

Look for McCain to go all mavericky on us and sell out Republican principles. As time goes on, we may give thanks that he was not elected; it least now conservatives have an opportunity to regroup and develop candidates who actually believe in the party platform.

In the meantime, I give thanks that Kentucky voters were not duped by Bruce Lunsford's millions and returned McConnell to keep the firewall in the Senate.

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knowitall said...

I'm glad he did, because he promised to do just that. Let's see if the liberal illuminati keep their bi-partisan promise as well.