Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Conway Should Have Sued

When he decided not to challenge the mandates of Obamacare, Jack Conway was wearing his U.S. Senate candidate's hat rather than his Attorney General hat -- and in so doing, he breached his duty to Kentuckians.

Conway asserted at the time that it would be a waste of money to litigate a baseless suit. Attorneys General from 20 other states looked at the merits, however, and decided to challenge the constitutionality of the Obamacare mandates. (Indeed, a similar suit in Virginia has survived a motion to dismiss.)

Conway's infatuation with Obamacare is such that either it clouded his legal judgement or he decided to advance his career rather than the needs of Kentucky. It was an odd political choice, given how many Kentuckians loathe Obamacare.

Rand Paul's campaign reminded voters that Conway could not join the 20 Attorneys General at a Florida hearing today; Conway has more glamorous (and lucrative) places to be:

So, where is Jack?

The sad truth is Jack Conway is in La Jolla, Calif., one of the richest and most exclusive beach communities in the world. While there, he's spending his time raising money from wealthy liberal elites for his political campaign. In fact, today marks the third day of Jack's Southern California swing, with stops in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego.

This is just one leg of his nationwide fundraising tour - with 20-plus events scheduled outside Kentucky to rake in cash from wealthy left-wing donors and his left-coast base.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised. Jack Conway supports Obamacare and has refused to stand up for his state and join the lawsuit to overturn the president's scheme. Jack Conway supports the higher taxes and unconstitutional personal mandate and will stand with his liberal D.C. allies, not for Kentucky.

Fortunately, Kentucky has a choice. Rand Paul is a physician who understands that we need less government in healthcare, not more, and strives to protect the doctor patient relationship. Dr. Paul will stand up for Kentucky and fight to overturn Obamacare in the United States Senate.

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