Monday, September 20, 2010

On Delaware

About that Delaware primary: Christine O'Donnell won the Republican nomination and it is therefore time for Republicans and conservatives to go all in to give her the best possible chance to win the general election.

To those who opposed her in the primary, get over it. She is a more, uh, colorful candidate than many of us might prefer. The downside to the Tea Party movement is that there is no party apparatus to recruit candidates. That's is a serious drawback. But the energy that the Tea Party has brought to the Republican party -- and the insistence that Republicans return to first principles -- has saved our party from irrelevance.

I could care less that Mike Castle would have had an easier shot in the general election because Delaware is a blue state. Mike Castle is a RINO. He would not have voted with Republicans on the close calls, the issues that matter to conservatives. He is not a lost vote because he would not have been a reliable vote.

The only thing that a Castle victory could have contributed is that if his election made the difference between minority and majority status, that would have allowed Republicans to chair Congressional committees. Realistically, however, control of the Senate will not be determined by one seat -- at least not this year.

I am sick and tired of Karl Rove bashing Christine O'Donnell. I am sick and tired of Fox News treating Karl Rove like he matters any more. He does not. He stood by while the Bush administration spent like drunken sailors -- not just the war, but the Energy bill and the Transportation bill and the Medicare prescription benefits. In light of that profligacy, he has lost the authority to speak for conservatives. If he was really such a political genius, he would have seen the back-lash that the Bush administration's spending was bound to cause.

It's hard to believe that Christine O'Donnell is the most electable conservative in Delaware, that there wasn't a true conservative with less baggage. It no longer matters. She is the nominee and its is time to get her elected.

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