Saturday, September 4, 2010

How Lally Helps McConnell

If Todd Lally defeats Rep. John Yarmuth -- a real possibility, according to the SUSA poll -- it could set in motion a chain of events whereby Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell becomes majority leader.

Kentucky polls close at at 6:00 in the 3rd Congressional district, a bellwether district. Unless the election is so close as to require a recount, we probably will know the winner by 7:30. That's 4:30 in California, where Carly Fiorina (for whom McConnell recently attended a fundraiser) has great chance at knocking off Barbara Boxer.

A Lally win would energize California Republicans to get to the polls, if they need that extra push. And it would discourage California Democrats, who instead of heading to voting booth might go straight to their favorite watering hole to cry in their Chablis.

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