Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Jack Conway Believe This Stuff?

It's one thing to put on a happy face, to hope for the best, to remain optimistic when confronted with adversity. Jack Conway has crossed the line from cock-eyed optimistic to delusional.

From the Conway campaign:

The "experts" said this race wasn't supposed to be competitive.

But here we are in late September, and the polls show a statistical tie between Rand Paul and me because people are realizing that he's too risky.

That's why national Republicans are going all-out, right now, to beat me: arguably the nation's highest-spending corporate lobbying group, the Chamber of Commerce; the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee; and even a group headed by former George Bush strategist Karl Rove have all run nasty ads attacking me.

And just last week, Sarah Palin came to Louisville to help Rand Paul shore up his fundraising.

Rand's campaign isn't sa
ying how much she brought in, but we've heard it could be as high as $100,000.

A statistical dead heat? Who is the pollster, Jack's hairdresser?

And about that Sarah Palin fundraiser: the entry fee had to be reduced to attract more people.

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