Friday, September 3, 2010

Lally and Yarmuth Respond to Poll

Joe Arnold has the unedited tape of his interviews with Todd Lally and Rep. John Yarmuth regarding the SUSA poll that shows the candidates are in a statistical dead heat for Kentucky's 3rd Congressional district.

These interviews are worth watching in their entirety -- particularly for those of us who have not had much opportunity to listen to Todd Lally. I was impressed with Lally. He's very collected, serious and forthright. And there is no doubt that he is a real conservative. The Republican primary voters have chosen wisely.

Yarmuth, in contrast, does not come across nearly as well. That surprised me, because no matter how much I disagree with the man's ideology, in the past he has always seemed like a truly decent guy. In this interview -- like a wounded animal -- he seems mean and nervous. And he sweats profusely.

Check out Yarmuth's campaign strategy: he calls Todd Lally "extreme" and lumps him with Rand Paul.

This is the same bone-headed strategy that Jack Conway is attempting to employ -- the same strategy that Trey Grayson used. Did none of these Democrats notice the Republican primary for U.S. Senate? Grayson was skewered. His campaign was a giant focus group for the Democrats to study. So instead of learning from what did not work for Grayson, the Democrats are replicating his failed strategy.

Republicans need to watch Yarmuth's interview until the end, when Joe Arnold asks him about campaign finances. Yarmuth makes clear that he will have the funds he needs; Yarmuth actually sneers at this point of the interview.

So any conservatives who are still employed and solvent after Obama's "recovery summer" should go to Todd Lally's website and donate now.

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