Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea Party Can Swing Both Ways

I am always amused with the news media handling the Tea Party Movement. They just never seem to get it correct and I don’t ever see a poll or interview of Tea Party members to see what they truly stand for. They would be surprised if they just ask the question.

The Wall Street Journal's poll mentioned in the below article states we were formed a year ago when it has been over 18 months and on the way to two years. Do you remember Rick Sabtelli’s rant on CNBC???? How long ago was that. This article also mentions that the Tea Party Movement are fiercely ANTI ESTABLISHMENT! When was the last time you heard that phrase out of the sixties. It give a different twist to "You joined the Establishment Man!"

I feel that I am capable of commentary on this subject as I have been an active member since April 15th 2009.

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear something on the mainstream news media stations yet they continue to call us names and brush us off as inconsequential to anything.

Look at all the elected officials that have gotten in office with the support of the Tea Party Movement. Do they seem like they are all republicans? Well not all of them. It just happens that the republicans represent a more fiscal conservative view with less taxes and smaller government for the Tea Party Members.

After attending the second Tea Party March on Washington we were told it is not over on November 2nd but it is just beginning. This was not a message I wanted to hear as I am tired and worn down and my business suffers from lack of attention and our current fiscal policies.

Yes, November 3rd the public and media will get a different perspective of the Tea Party Movement. No matter what the outcome of the November 2nd elections there will be more Republicans in office and hopefully our local candidates will be there as well. If not we are not discouraged as our efforts have obviously changed the political landscape in Washington. We will be there to hold the feet of the newly elected to the fire. More importantly I see a strong potential for the Tea Party Movement to be more active in the Democratic races supporting those conservative Democrats that we all know are out there. As soon as the tide changes they will be moved to concede to the Tea Party Movement agenda.

See, it is not about being a Republican or a Democrat it is about making our country better and stronger for the next generations.

Our Founding Fathers and Patriots had it right the first time. They were fiercely Anti Establishment as well.

Here is the article from:

New poll shows Tea Party momentum
By Jordan Fabian - 09/29/10 07:51 AM ET

A high percentage of Republicans consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party and a plurality of Americans believe the groups have been a good thing for politics, a new poll shows.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday evening shows that 71 percent of Republicans consider themselves Tea Party supporters. Forty-two percent of the public believes that the conservative groups have been a good thing for U.S. politics.

. . .

Democrats and some centrist Republicans have expressed worry that the Tea Party groups, which have a fierce anti-establishment streak, could divide the GOP by demanding ideological purity from political candidates.

But the survey casts doubt on that argument, showing that a considerable majority of Republicans back the activists. It also shows a majority for Republicans in voter enthusiasm measures and a sub-50 percent approval rating for Obama. . . . .

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