Monday, October 18, 2010

Conway Makes Own College Memory, Today, at U of L

Here's the footage of the Chris Matthews interview of Jack Conway at University of Louisville today, in which Matthews had a thrill going up his leg as he skewered Conway for the Aqua Buddha ad.

Matthews makes the point that Conway's ad criticizing the Aqua Buddha college caper essentially challenges Rand Paul's faith. Conway strenuously objected and countered that he only criticized Paul's action's not his faith. Matthews did not accept that and reiterated the charge that Conway was, in point of fact, challenging Paul's faith in Christ.

Then Matthews made a constitutional point I had not considered: isn't Conway imposing an unconstitutional religious test as a qualification of office for U.S. Senate? Conway's response kept circling back to "challenging his actions, not his faith."

It was about as robotic as Conway's pledge to "put Kentucky first."

And Matthews expressed genuine concern that perhaps this was not the best campaign strategy: is it really a good idea for Conway -- in the last two weeks of his campaign -- to base an ad on an anonymous source from 30 years ago who has since backed off the story? Conway mumbled something about judging Paul by his actions or whatever. It was not pretty, even for pretty boy Jack.

If Jack Conway has lost Chris Matthews, he must be wishing that Obama, Reid and Pelosi could vote for him. That would ensure at least four votes.

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