Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good for Chris Thieneman

Chris Thieneman lost to Hal Heiner in the Republican primary back in May, but he chose to endorse him only yesterday -- to refute Greg Fischer's charge that Heiner is trading endorsements for influence. Moreover, Thieneman revealed details about past discussions with Heiner that don't make Thieneman look so great, but for the fact that he is coming clean now.

Thieneman said he knows that Heiner hasn't bargained for endorsements because Heiner rejected Thieneman's initial endorsement offer when it had strings attached

Amid questions of whether Democrat Greg Fischer traded influence over a Metro agency in exchange for the endorsement of former independent candidate Jackie Green, Fischer subsequently has called Heiner a liar and hypocrite and accused him of doing the same thing to procure the endorsement of former Democratic primary mayoral candidate Tyler Allen.

Thieneman described his discussions with Heiner after the primary, in which Heiner rejected Thieneman's offer of an endorsement:

"So I asked Hal, I said 'Hal - do you think you could find a position for me to where I could represent the South End in the areas that they've always been neglected?' And when I talked to Hal about that, he said - 'Chris I understand where you're coming from,

I appreciate what you are standing for in the South End,' but he said, 'I can't do that."I would love to have your endorsement," Thieneman recalled Heiner saying shortly after the primary, "but if it means that I have to give you anything, then it's best that i don't."

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